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Mission Statement Provide professional innovative design solutions for marketing and advertising needs at reasonable prices.
Using experience, resources and creativity along with attention to detail and quality that results in customer satisfaction.
Services Marketing, Advertising, Design, Layout, Digital Photography, Printing, Shipping and Mailing Services.
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what people say

"I've known Ericka for a number of years ... She's extremely creative and ... clearly sees each project as an opportunity to create something unique and fitting for the client. I look forward to working with her often." October 18, 2010
Chuck Robinson
Owner/Bookseller/Retailer - Village Bookstore
"I worked with Ericka for several years ... She is an excellent designer, that always comes up with that little extra touch that takes a project beyond good to amazing." October 12, 2010
Lori Costigan
Art Director/Owner - Seaside Art

"Ericka is  very savvy on how to grow a business in today's competitive market.  She ... can help you, as a client, stand out among others in your field ... Ericka ... has made it easier for me to connect better with my clients!” October 20, 2010
Frances Erickson
Owner/Liquidator - Eartha Kitty's Estate Sales
“Ericka has the best portfolio I have seen in a very long time ...  It is my feeling that her skill set would bring new life to your next campaign. In short E Fresh Design is leaps above all the mediocre designers in town ..." January 22, 2010
Scott Sutton
Sales - Printwise
“Ericka ... was always upbeat and ready to take on any challenge you put in front of her and wanted more. She was fun and creative, and I am not surprised to see she is going strong... she's a gem.” January 25, 2010
Christine Wingate
Creative Art Director - Jay Jacobs
“I highly recommend Ericka Bakkom. She is fabulous. Her creativity shines as she listens to her clients needs and desires. I have watched her business blossom through her professionalism and client care. She is over the top and she will far exceed your expectations!” November 3, 2009
Mallina Wilson
Certified International Property Specialist - RE/MAX Whatcom County, Inc.
“Ericka's clear vision and superior design talents will expertly present her client's message in any chosen media. Her ability to embrace the big picture while attending to every precise detail of a complicated project makes Ericka the best designer that I have ever worked with! ...” October 26, 2009
Philip Brautigam
Creative Director/Owner - Silkitecture
“Ericka is a forward thinking and talented designer whose expertise shines in every project. Her bright outlook and perceptive ingenuity adds an elegance and solidity to her work ... Ericka is quick to point out insightful, economical and practical solutions.” May 4, 2009
Nancy Ratkiewich
Art Director/Graphics Dept. Manager - AudioQuest
“Ericka is one of the most creative designers I have worked with. Her incredible personality and professionalism are highly recommended. Just seeing her portfolio isn't enough, you need to see her work for yourself and meet her to know she is the designer you need ...” September 15, 2008
Jan Miller
Owner - 2113 Graphics LLC
"Most often, our company and clients' expectations came with unrealistic deadlines, yet Ericka was always able to managed to maintain the integrity of her talent and exceed the clients' expectations. Her talent and work ethic would be an asset to any ... client ...” June 19, 2009
Melodee Miller
Business Development Manager - PSB, Integrated Marketing
“Ericka is an excellent designer, whether designing for the creation of print or online marketing. Her focus is the target audience, and exceeds expectations by establishing a powerful brand identity through her unique, consistent use of appropriate graphic elements ... Ericka ... creates solutions that lead to success.” May 2, 2009
Mark Kirtner
Senior Design Supervisor - PSB, The Marketing SuperSource
“As a former colleague I have had the pleasure of knowing Ericka for the last 14 years. She is a tremendous designer and was an asset to our company. She was a dedicated employee and her abilities and work ethic, have been exemplary ... She is pleasant and has an encouraging attitude ...” October 19, 2008
James DeLille
Director of Operation - PSB, The Marketing SuperSource
“Ericka has a relaxed style that makes her easy to relate to and work with, and she's great at adapting her design ...  from minimalistic and clean to experimenting with colors and textures, Ericka designs every piece with purpose.” September 25, 2009
Betsy Stevenson
Writer - Freelance
"Thank you for the work that you did for us recently. It was completed in a timely manner  and gives our graphic presentations a creative and professional look. We look forward to our future collaborations on other projects."
Mike Nelson
Vice President - Dakota Creek Industries, Inc.
"I was having a hard time finding someone that could create my vision for the brochures, flyers and postcard designs ... I shared my ideas and within a couple of days Ericka presented me with amazing accuracy exactly what I had dreamed of ... Ericka is incredibly talented and artistic ...  I feel my business has taken off to the next level of professionalism. I highly recommend her work."
Karen Piccone
Owner - Beyond Limits Yoga LLC
"I was ecstatic that E Fresh Design was able to take my ideas, vision and design a logo that is unique and tailored to my personality. Ericka went the extra mile  it really shows that she cares about her clients. She has taken my business to the next phase and given me the professional look I needed for my company ... I am extremely satisfied with the results!"
Rummany Bogaards
Owner - Tax Simplicity LLC

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