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Mission Statement Provide professional innovative design solutions for marketing and advertising needs at reasonable prices.
Using experience, resources and creativity along with attention to detail and quality that results in customer satisfaction.
Services Marketing, Advertising, Design, Layout, Digital Photography, Printing, Shipping and Mailing Services.
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about e design

After twenty years in the corporate
advertising jungle, Ericka returned
to her roots and launched E Design.
Ericka Bakkom is adept in a variety
of disciplines, and passionate about
strategic design. She gets a kick out
of identifying your business’s core
message — and then executing it
effectively through a new or revamped
identity, advertising campaign, new
media, and print collateral.

Ericka believes her role as a designer
in these challenging times is to help her
clients shape a positive future through a
focused approach. To Ericka, it’s all about
helping people, doing good things for the
planet and creating prosperity. So, what
can she help you with today?

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